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January 3, 2012 by elvee
So yeah, why should PC's have all the screen shot fun?
Windows MobileiOSAndroidRIMwebOSBoth phones and tablets. I think it would be fun to see what people are sporting on their mobile devices.
Please try to keep it 'clean' and it might be helpful to include links to apps and widgets you use.

The Background is Android StockClock Widget is Fancy WidgetsThe launcher is LauncherProThe control widget is SwitchPro WidgetThe icons are from Tha Ic...
February 18, 2010 by elvee
I have searched around a bit in the forums to see if there was a solution without any luck.


Is there a command line or some other shortcut For DeskScapes Pause and Resume that I can use in RightClick. if so where do i find it?

I am on 32bit Vista Home Premium

Thanks in advance for any help.

May 3, 2009 by elvee
Through the encouragement of a DCDAL instructor, I have begun a Blog to write about whatever.

Don’t know how long this will last so…

So what to write about? I am not looking for people to read what I write. I am not sure I have the attention span to keep this up.

My mind is constantly wondering, Moving from subject to subject…maybe Writing can be a way to keep me focused. So what can I write about?  I don't know. I am not a very excitable person, so I can understand if you g...
February 19, 2007 by elvee
Haha! I get that blank all the time. I start thinking about something and I want to write about it. When that time comes, my mind draws a blank. Must be my ADHD or something, I don't know.
April 18, 2005 by elvee
Well it is just a wish really. I have LG VX6100 from Verizon Wireless. I know there is customization for PDA's, but is there any for Cell Phones?
I'd love to have my phone coordinate with my Desktop(running Airlock stuff right now). I wonder if it would be a possibility in the not too distant future?

Well, anyway, just deamin'